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Medical Assistance

• 24 Hr access to telephone medical advice
• Comprehensive case monitoring
• 24 hours physician hotel/house calls
• English speaking GP doctors
• Arrangement of out-patient consultations
• Laboratory tests
• Arrangement of hospital admission
• Medical expenses guarantee & payment
• Medical evacuation and repatriation
• Medical escort (nurses, doctors)
• Transfers by ambulances, taxi
• Translating of medical documents

Technical Assistance

• Towing (including busses and trucks) to the nearest service station or parking
• Repatriation of cars (by tow-truck or ferry)
• Breakdown repairs
• Order and delivery of spare parts and tools
• Safekeeping of the vehicle
• On-site repair of the vehicle
Other services:
• Transfer and accompaniment of passengers
• Legal assistance
• Hotel accommodation

Personal Assistance

• Coordination of emergency travel arrangements
• Return of dependent children/traveling companions
• Replacement of lost or stolen travel documents
• Translation/interpreter services
• Referrals to attorneys
• Emergency transmission of messages
• Referrals to specialized security providers
• Legal assistance referrals
• Home assistance  

Air Ambulance all the World

- The medical report on the physical condition of the patient before the flight. - Organization of ground ambulance transportation at end of the flight. - Meeting the team of doctors and full medical escort. - A full medical report from the hospital.

Repatriation of mortal remains

AU international Service offers reliable and efficient services to Funeral Companies, Insurance and Assistance companies AU International Service arranges full repatriation services. Our team can repatriate someone of any nationality from anywhere in the world. Our company successfully deals with repatriations from Ukraine abroad and from abroad back to Ukraine due to a wide network of agents and service-providers on the whole territory of Ukraine. Prior to departure all necessary documentation will be arranged and translated to be sent with the remains. Remains are embalmed and placed in a simple coffin for transportation only. Flight is organized normally within 3 working days. Our partners are Rowland Brothers International (Great Britain), Avalon Trustee company, (Great Britain), Eurocross International (The Netherlands) , BERGEN FUNERAL Service USA and others. You can rely on us.

Fraud Insurance investigations

AU International service provide medical and technical fraud insurance investigations in Ukraine, Crimea, Russia, Belarus , Caucasus countries, countries of Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, countries of Balkan and Baltic region, Moldova.

Cost Containment

- Providing of high quality cost control
- Processing claims and payments
- Ensuring our Clients quality care at a reasonable price and avoid unnecessary treatment

Industrial areas Medical Services

We help companies to assess health risks and deliver high-level medical services to employees working in some of the most remote and difficult environments in the Ukraine.

Health Care Management

- Provides high quality and yet cost effective health benefits
- We have many years of experience and global extensive knowledge of the quality, business practices and costs associated with medical services in Ukraine and CIS
- Ensures our clients’ employees receive quality care at a reasonable price and avoid unnecessary treatment or excessive absenteeism

Security Overseas Services

- Protects employees abroad by being available 24-hours a day to plan, prepare, assess and respond to security crises.
- Offers a unique resource, combining security risk information and specialized support in threatening situations.
- Security professional monitor risk-related situations in Ukraine