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Medical Assistance Services

Technical Assistance Service

Personal Assistance Service

Global Emergency Assistance

- 24-hour worldwide medical information and assistance
- Emergency evacuations
- Medically supervised repatriations
- Doctor/hospital referrals
- Dispatch of doctors or specialists
- Pre-trip medical information
- Hospital deposit guarantees
- Repatriation of mortal remains.


- 24 Hr access to telephone medical advice
- Comprehensive case monitoring
- Transfers by ambulances, taxi
- English speaking GP doctors
- Medical escort (nurses, doctors)
- Laboratory tests
- Translating of medical documents
- Medical expenses guarantee


- Towing (including busses and trucks) to the nearest service station or parking
- Repatriation of cars
- Breakdown repairs
- Order and delivery of spare parts and tools
- Safekeeping of the vehicle
- On-site repair of the vehicle


- Coordination of emergency travel arrangements
- Return of dependent children/traveling companions
- Replacement of lost or stolen travel documents
- Translation/interpreter services
- Referrals to attorneys
- Home assistance


AU International Service / Assist Ukraine is Ukrainian independent Assistance company. We have been working at the world assistance market since 1991. In 1995-1996 strategy was developed by PUM Dutch senior advices and ANWB. It was one of the first firms pioneering assistance services in Ukraine. Start up was supported by Delta Consulting group and International SOS.

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Global Emergency Assistance - 24-hour worldwide medical information and assistance, Emergency evacuations, Medically supervised repatriations, Doctor/hospital referrals, Dispatch of doctors or specialists, Pre-trip medical information, Hospital deposit guarantees, Repatriation of mortal remains.

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